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Buy Any Beans Necessary
Mobile Cafe & Market

The Why

We believe that the key to a healthier, happier, and more sustainable future is by ensuring that the local community is securely resourced. We do that by creating systems of support and reciprocity.  Whether it's selling delicious cafe beverages and eats, serving as a mobile grocer, renting the mobile spaces out for private experiences or hosting micro-residencies for local groups and organizations to bring their offerings right to the people, Buy Any Beans Necessary Mobile Cafe & Market is in service of the people.  So whether you’re looking for a morning coffee or to get connected with essential resources, our mobile cafe and market is your one-stop-shop.

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The What

Buy Any Beans Necessary is a versatile mobile cafe and market, provides a selection of hot and cold beverages, alongside cafe-style food. We also run a mobile grocery service, allowing customers in our target communities to easily place orders online and collect them locally.


For certain qualifying residents, we offer the convenience of doorstep delivery. A portion of our mobile cafe's proceeds is dedicated to supporting members and initiatives within The Wellness Community (TWC), as well as contributing efforts towards solving the housing crisis.

Rental Information

Rent these beautiful, eye-catching mobile spaces for your events and activities!

  • Rentals are $150/hr

  • $75 cleaning fee (optional)

  • 1 hr minimum - 4hr maximum reservation unless specified in a written agreement from The Wellness Collective

  • TWC staff required to be on site for the entire duration of the event

  • Truck(s) will be operated by TWC staff ONLY

  • Lounge spaces are versatile and can be used for various uses (upon approval)

  • Cafe can be in operation (by TWC staff only) upon request

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Bring your org into the community!  Set up shop in our mobile cafes to make your services and resources more accessible to the community.

  • Daily residency: $90/hr

  • Weekly residency (week days): up to $1600/week

  • Monthly residency: up to $3000/mo

  • 1hr minimum - 4hr maximum per day unless specified in a written agreement from The Wellness Collective

  • Truck(s) will be operated by TWC staff ONLY

  • Resident must adhere to TWC operational standards during residency

  • Trucks cannot be outfitted or decorated by residents beyond the specified parameters found in the partnership guide

How to rent/take residency on the Mobile Cafes

Booking Request

  • From 750 US dollars
  • Increase your impact by bringing your services direct to community!

    From 150 US dollars
  • Run your ads to a captive, hyper-local audience!

    From 50 US dollars
  • Let your audience sign up on the spot using our kiosk!

    From 75 US dollars


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