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Discover Your Perfect Mental Health Match

Join The Wellness Collective for the free speed dating event and get matched with your ideal mental health practitioner

Meet, Learn, and Match With Real Mental Health Practitioners

Taking the first step to talk about what you're experiencing in life can be difficult. Everyone has unique needs, and it takes a special type of practitioner to truly connect with and support you.


Caring for your mental health is important and deserves time and effort to find the right fit for you. But discovering the right match for a mental health practitioner isn't as simple as just going to the store and picking one out. It can take hours of:


  • Online searches

  • Reading reviews

  • Setting up consultations

  • Talking to practitioners one-on-one


Finding your perfect mental health match shouldn't be a long and tedious process.


That's why The Wellness Collective invites you to sign up for our FREE virtual mental wellness speed dating event that provides easy access to multiple mental health practitioners from the comfort of your home.


The Wellness Collective's virtual speed dating event brings together some of the top practitioners from all over the mental health spectrum.


During the event, you'll have seven-minute, one-on-one meetings with various practitioners to learn about their approach to therapy. During your time with each practitioner, feel free to talk about:


  • Their background and experience

  • What type of mental health services they offer

  • How they work with clients

  • Your questions surrounding what you are currently experiencing with your mental health

  • Anything else related to mental health and their opinion on it


These seven minutes will fly by, so be sure to come prepared with what you want to discuss.

Finding Your Perfect Mental Health Match

After your virtual speed dating sessions, review the practitioners you met and see if any are a good match for what you're looking for in a mental health practitioner.

If there's a match, exchange information during the event or follow up with The Wellness Collective to set up an initial consultation with your potential match.


Need some financial assistance? The Wellness Collective can help! We cover up to six sessions with the chosen practitioners for qualifying individuals.


On breaks between the speed dates, many related organizations and partners have set up virtual booths to discuss their approach to mental health and the resources they offer. This allows you to discover even more options for your mental health journey at The Wellness Collective's virtual speed dating event.

Therapy Session

Remember, this event is completely FREE! Sign up now to discover your perfect mental health match and start your journey toward better mental wellness.

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