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About Membership

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The Secret to Success has always been Mutual Aid

Throughout history, mutual aid has been the cornerstone to success.  This is because it provides individuals and communities a level of stability and resource that makes it possible for them to not only be independently sustainable, but also take risks of opportunity such as starting a business, buying property and land, etc.  Mutual aid is not strictly for the wealthy.  In fact, mutual aid is how they became wealthy in the first place, through reciprocal support within their different communities and relationships.  


Becoming a member of the Community Bank means you are contributing and have access to: 


Gap support when you need additional funds in times of crisis and time-sensitive opportunity.


Access to programs TWC holds memberships to for necessary amenities such as furniture, etc.

Social Enterprise

Access to revenue earned and first choice to work in TWC social enterprises such as MOMS Virtual, For Goods Delivery, etc. 


Access to community programs and activities either created through or sponsored by TWC such as block parties, summer camps, etc.


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Join Below

  • Individual Membership

    Every month
    • Access to mutual aid: One request every 6 months
    • Additional memberships and services
    • Off The Floor (furniture donation) referrals
  • Membership + Legal

    Every month
    Consultation and guidance from a lawyer
    • Legal consultation from a lawyer (once per year)
    • Legal navigation (not legal advice, but where to go support)
    • Workshops
  • Group Membership

    Every month
    • Access to mutual aid: Three requests every six months
    • Off the Floor referrals
    • Additional memberships and services
  • Group + Legal

    Every month
    Legal consultation for your members
    • Legal consultation from a lawyer (3 per year)
    • Legal navigation (not legal advice, where to go support)
    • Workshops
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