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Take Your Time Back

MOMS are here for all your administrative needs.

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Are you a busy person, entrepreneur, or corporate manager? If so, then you are well aware of the common pains of managing tedious yet necessary tasks.  No matter which way you slice it, emails need to be sent, phone calls need to be answered, follow ups have to happen.  All of these small tasks quickly add up to major blocks of time, leaving you with little space and energy to do bigger, more exciting things.

What do you do?  How do you manage life AND live at the same time?

The answer is simple: hire MOMS.

Let our highly trained and skilled MOMS take on the administrative tasks of life and business so you can finally be free to do...well, whatever you want!

Who better than MOMS, who are already performing miracles in their own households, to keep things on track for you?  Now you can enjoy the warm, caring yet strategic and effective skills from MOMS in the areas you need them most.


Our MOMS receive on-going training to ensure that they are exceptionally prepared to serve your needs. They are always refining and learning new technology to keep up with the competitive edge.

Some of the training our MOMS receive are:

  • Customer Care

  • Bookkeeping

  • Trauma Responsive Care

  • Customer Knowledge Base

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • Professional Email Writing

  • Professional Phone Etiquette

  • HIPPA Compliance

  • Project Management

  • Market Research

  • Time Management

  • Troubleshooting

  • Crisis Management

  • Professional Document Conversion

  • and more!

Hire MOMS, help

The Wellness Collective is on a mission to fill gaps that inhibit our neighbors and communities from sustaining and thriving. This is done by examining barriers that our neighbors experience and envision solutions. We don’t stop there! At TWC, once we’ve committed to a person or problem, we dedicate ourselves to finding ways to solve those problems until it’s resolved. That is how MOMS Virtual Assistants (MOMS Virtual) was established.

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Assistance Offered

Customer Care


Market Research

Document Creation


Personal Correspondence (call, text, email)

General Research

Manage To-Do Lists

Manage Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

and  More!

Hire MOMS and Embark on Your Journey of Productivity.

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On the other side of MOMS Virtual are our business owners who struggle to have consistent and competent support with the customer care and operational duties. Tasks such as communication management (answering phone calls/ text messages, social media management) and bookkeeping.  All are crucial to the business, but are often difficult to find excellent staff for. Our MOMS help to fill this gap so that business owners can run quality operations while also helping a MOM support her family in a way that does not require loss.


In addition to supporting MOMS and business owners, MOMS Virtual has a direct hand in supporting and resourcing our neighbors and communities throughout Allegheny County. 


The thing that sets MOMS apart is 100% of the revenue earned goes directly into the "General Branch" of The Community Bank. This helps to fill the gaps with our neighbors until there are no more. 

Systems We Work With

Email Host
Web Hosts
Project Management Software
Finance Software
Social Media
Quickbooks Online
Working on a Computer

She was made for this.


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