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Who We Are

The Wellness Collective currently serves in Allegheny County, PA and brings neighbors together around a shared mission: to restore and maintain power and interdependence in our communities.  We support one another in moments of difficulty and enterprise.  Through this, we sustain and develop our community as a whole.  In the spirit of solidarity, The Wellness Collective collaborates with neighbors to develop effective solutions that mitigates need. Our aim is to restore stability and strengthen resiliency. We do this by listening to our neighbors, facilitating local resource collection and redistribution, and improving accessibility to services. Our model is designed to offer practical solutions, so we, as a community, are empowered to respond to one another’s needs. It facilitates relationships of respect and mutual aid. Standing side by side and reclaiming our unified power, The Wellness Collective reimagines what is possible when society places its people at the center.

Advisory Board Member

The perfect candidate for TWC's Advisory Board will feel a great sense of pride and connectedness to our community and goal of seeing a more stable and promising tomorrow.  The membership of our neighbors in TWC will matter to our advisors because they understand that the power of the people is in the collective lifting and sharing.


Our advisors will be asked to:

  • Becoming members of TWC

  • Commit to contributing a minimum of $5/mo or 5hrs of volunteer time to a branch of the Community Bank

  • Recruit new members of TWC

  • Help organize a resource-generating event for TWC, annually

  • Provide feedback and wisdom to the founder and staff

  • Vote on important decisions

  • Help with necessary tasks inclusive (but not limited to) writing, program/pipeline development, event planning and coordinating

  • Seek and present new opportunities for TWC

Our advisors are described as:

  • Dedicated

  • Person-centered

  • Passionate about community

  • Having a strong foundation of integrity

  • Possessing unconditional positive regard

  • Regularly practices giving constructive criticism

  • Willing and able to follow through on commitments


  • Having a direct tie to one or more communities in Allegheny County

  • Can reasonably afford the time and/or financial commitments required

  • Genuine belief in this work

  • Possessing wisdom either professional or by lived experience that would aid the journey of TWC

  • 1-5 hours per week (average over the course of a year):


Apply to be considered for advisory board appointment at The Wellness Collective.

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