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Grandfather Able to Make Ends Meet After Burying Granddaughter

As much as we try, we cannot stop tragedy from happening all around us. Such is the case with this neighbor - a grandfather who recently had to bury his granddaughter. She was only a budding age of 3 when her story came to an end. Without life insurance, her grand had to do what he could to give her a proper burial as his last act of love. He gave everything he had to see her off. Unfortunately, he was left without any means to support himself.

He was connected to The Wellness Collective and, together, we were able to raise the money needed so that he can survive until his next pay.

often times, extreme poverty or hardship starts with one thing. One small gap or discrepancy that would not topple a person who has the means to recover. However, when you do not have it, survival can mean digging further debt holes and even making unwanted destructive moves. These things pile up one after another until a person who just needed a little help struggles to even recall everything that happened to put them in hardship. All because they didn’t have help.

We are no longer living in a society where anyone has to go without help. The Wellness Collective is the vessel for all of us to care of each and every one of us - like this grandfather. Like your neighbor who is struggling. Like you.

Thank you to everyone who Have to endure this neighbor can stay afloat It truly takes very little to do magnificent things.

if you are interested in joining The Wellness Collective and being an active supported of our communities, click here and start your journey.

It‘a a beautiful day to be a neighbor!

— Shanon



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