When one of our neighbors struggle, we all struggle in one way or another.  So many people could be helped with just the change you have laying around.  Become a contributing neighbor to help make our communities better.  Your donation already pays off by being tax deductible!

Choose Your Contribution

  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor

    Every month
  • Fist Bump

    Every month
  • Head Nod

    Every month
  • Here's A Ten Spot

    Every month
  • I See You

    Every month
  • Here's A Dub

    Every month
  • Doing My Civic Duty

    Every month
  • I'm Here For You

    Every month
  • Brighter Days Ahead!

    Every month
  • We Got This!

    Every month
  • It's A Beautiful Day

    Every month
  • For All Our Sakes

    Every month

Would you like to make a one-time donation?  You can either donate using the button below or by sending a check via mail!


All checks can be made out to The Pittsburgh Contingency, 1716 Nevada Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218.  Be sure to put "The Wellness Collective" in the memo line.