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Be A Good Neighbor

Many of us have experienced being in a bind that could change the outcome of our lives.  Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have the support needed in a pinch to get through those hard periods.  That's why we, as Good Neighbors, are stepping up to ensure that all of our neighbors have the support needed while they work on getting things back on track!


With so many wonderful and important services and people, we should all be thriving.  We believe that is possible if only great people and services were linked with just a bit more intention.  That's why The Wellness Collective was created!  By creating a force of dedicated Good Neighbors, like yourself, we are able to create access to essential needs for all of our sakes.  The best part is that being a Good Neighbor doesn't take much at all!  With your help, together, we can ensure the health, safety, and prosperity of our greater community!

Image by Matheus Ferrero

Request Support

Are you in a bit of a bind or have an essential need?  Well, that's what we are here for!  All you have to do is submit a request for support and we will be in contact to learn more about your need and how we can help!  For your convenience, requests can be submitted online, via email or by voicemail.

Image by Perry Grone


Do you love what The Wellness Collective does for the community?  Have you received support and would like to pay it forward?  Sign up to be a volunteer with The Collective!  We will send a Bat Signal when we need your helping hands for to do good.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda
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