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To Be Black, Male & Unprotected

A special Mental Wellness Speed Dating experience centering Black men and boys. Come all to bear witness to what it's truly like to be Black and male in America. It is time to give our Black men and boys our undivided attention that is not through a lens of suspicion.

Taking the first step to talk about what you're experiencing in life can be difficult. Everyone has unique needs, and it takes a special type of practitioner to truly connect with and support you. Couple the general challenges with also being a Black male and that search can seem impossible.

When Black men express themselves or speak of points of harm they've experienced or vulnerability, it is not uncommon for those listening to invalidate those experiences. May be with a groan or eye-roll, even a laugh. It can be dehumanizing and even dangerous for Black men and boys to speak up about their experiences. This event with Dr. Curry is meant to:

  • Shed light on the real experiences Black men and boys have

  • Validate the experiences of the guys in attendance

  • Answer questions that otherwise don't feel safe to ask

  • Provide empirical evidence so that Black men and boys can self-advocate with confidence

  • Provide an opportunity to get more involved with Dr. Curry and his work

  • Match Black men and boys with safe, relatable mental health practitioners to start their healing journey

Finding your perfect mental health match shouldn't be a long and tedious process. For the month of February, we are committing to making mental health and wellness more accessible for Black men and boys.

Meet, Learn, & Grow with World-Renowned Philosopher, Founder of Black Male Studies

We've decided to do Mental Wellness Speed Dating differently this year. Each event will focus on a particular topic and feature an expert on the matter. February's MWSD features the esteemed, Dr. Tommy J. Curry; world-renowned philosopher, founder of Black Male Studies, and current professor at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Curry's work not only uncovers the realities of violence against Black men, but backs it up with irrefutable evidence documented throughout history. This is such an amazing opportunity as Dr. Curry has extended himself beyond the discussion. For this Mental Wellness Speed Dating, you will experience:

  • Discussion on violence against Black men and boys featuring Dr. Tommy J. Curry.

  • Q&A with Dr. Curry.

  • Mental Wellness Speed Dating to match with safe and relatable mental health practitioners (for Black men and boys ONLY).

  • An opportunity to get further involved with Dr. Curry's work.

  • 1-month access to event playback

  • Access to Dr. Curry's source research for his dissertation (practitioners ONLY)

  • Opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Curry (practitioners and leadership)

  • Practitioners Lounge - an opportunity to sit at the table with Dr. Curry and discuss his work (for practitioners and leadership ONLY)

  • Exclusive access to private Practitioner's Lounge hosted by TWC (practitioners ONLY)

You do not want to miss this value-packed event with such a uniquely important purpose.

Learn What It's Truly Like To Be Black, Male & Unprotected

This event is made for all segments of society to attend. Black men and boys deserve to have their experiences validated. However, in order to commit to changing that narrative, it is on the rest of us to bear witness to the empirical data, reflect on how we've contributed to these experiences, and incorporate this new information into our personal, professional, and societal interactions with Black men and boys.

If there's a match, exchange information during the event or follow up with The Wellness Collective to set up an initial consultation with your potential match.

Need some financial assistance? The Wellness Collective can help! We cover up to six sessions with the chosen practitioners for qualifying individuals.

On breaks between the speed dates, many related organizations and partners have set up virtual booths to discuss their approach to mental health and the resources they offer. This allows you to discover even more options for your mental health journey at The Wellness Collective's virtual speed dating event.

Remember, this event is completely FREE for Black men and boys! Sign up now to learn about Black male misandry. Black men and boys, share your stories and discover mental wellness support that is safe and relatable to you. Here's your chance to start your journey of healing.


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