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4 Families Days Away from Complete Homelessness

we have four separate families on the brink of homelessness. I'm talking in the next week, they will be out on the street. I am asking you, if you have anything to spare, to please help us keep them safe and housed. $5 would save lives. Below is a little bit about each family including the deadlines for when their time is up and either they can provide the money or face the coming winter unhoused.

Because we are able to do this fundraiser through The Wellness Collective, donations of $30 or more will receive a tax letter for end of year write offs!

You can help these families by donating here.

Thank you, in advance. You've literally saved multiple lives for multiple generations.  You can read a little about the families that you will be helping below.

Our Neighbors in Need:

Depression Complications: 

A person who has dedicated their life to serving the community with everything they have has found themselves in a severe case of longterm depression. Coupled with their struggles with mental health, this person has been out of work for a number of months. Though they have been trying and their landlord has been trying with them, they have not been able to get things back on track. They have found themselves behind a total of $2700. They are already passed their deadline, however, their landlord has not had them removed just yet. We are trying, feverishly, to get them the money so that they are not on the streets. We are also working to help them receive the mental health support that they need and secure a job that pays enough to support their bills. They have been able to raise $100, so far. Please help us secure the remaining $2600. It is needed ASAP.

Domestic Violence Recovery:

This neighbor relocated to Pittsburgh a little over five years ago for the sake of their child's wellbeing. While nurturing their child's growth, they were the victim of an extreme domestic violence circumstance. It was such an extreme case that housing authority moved them from where they were to another neighborhood in order to preserve their life and quality there of. If evading domestic violence wasn't stressful enough, in the midst of them being moved, social security cut off their benefits, which is their only source of income. They went through the appeals process, however, during that time, they were not able to pay rent. Housing Authority said that they would have to provide proof that they did not have income at the time in order for their rent to be adjusted. In the shuffle of everything, this person has not been able to do that yet. They have already received a 14-day notice, so the debt has to be paid or they will be formally evicted. With the court fees that came along with the notice, they owe a total of $760 which must be paid by January 19, 2020.

Foreclosed Family Home:

An aging couple on a fixed income has not been able to keep up with their inherited family home. The home will be lost to foreclosure by the end of the month. They have been able to secure an apartment that is affordable for their monthly income, however, they do not have the extra cash needed for the security deposit. This elderly family needs $700 by January 31 to secure their new home.

Behind in Rent Due to Surgery:

A person who has had multiple surgeries, has not been able to work for a prolonged period of time. Because of this, they have not been able to pay their rent or even buy basic necessities such as toilet paper. They have fallen behind two months and needs help catching up. They need a total of $260 to get back on track with rent and avoid the threat of being unhoused. Also, if anyone can help with donating household disposable items, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

These are our neighbors who need us to show up for them right now - at this very moment. Each grain of sand adds value to the beach. Every dollar is directly responsible for saving multiple lives.


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