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Thank You for Downloading the “What Do You Need?” Guide

You’ve taken the first step to selecting the best care for your mental health


Getting help is already a tough step, but mental health is no joke, and ensuring you have the right care is incredibly important.

While there are many different issues that can cause mental health concerns, many stem from financial and work-related stress. Not only can these lead to a host of mental health issues, but they can also often go unnoticed until the problem becomes out of control.


This is why the team at The Wellness Collective invites you to become a member.  This mutual aid collective is a membership-based organization that can empower you, people you know, or people working for your organization/group during difficult times.

Empower Yourself and Those Around
You With Mutual Aid

Available for both individuals and groups/organizations, our Mutual Aid Membership provides a subscription that gives access to a host of services to help you or your group work through the challenges surrounding resources, access, and support.


We offer a wide range of support while constantly working on new ways to help you, your neighbors, and organization participants.


Individuals -Your Commitment

Minimum Pledge Amount
$5 per month

Additional Commitment

The Wellness collective seeks to bring individuals together under our Mutual Aid Membership to provide financial, emotional, and logistic support. Our goal is to empower the entire Allegheny County to both survive and thrive by using the proven method of mutual aid.

What Our Subscription Provides


Access to Mutual Aid Support

Mutual aid supports members who might be struggling financially in one area or another.


Example: If a member is struggling with paying rent, transportation, etc., they can come to our Mutual Aid team and receive support for the immediate need and additional assistance to help stabilize their financial issues.


Work for Social Enterprises

We also offer members the opportunity to find work with our social enterprises owned by The Wellness Collective.


Example: Members have first consideration to work for our virtual assistant firm over nonmembers.


Anytime Support

Members have the ability to seek support and opportunity through The Wellness Collective.


Example: If a member wants to organize a block party and needs funding, they can request support from The Wellness Collective. We’'ll assist with grant writing, capacity, and submitting grant proposals for any member who does not have their own 501c3 or fiduciary agent.


Groups and

Minimum Pledge Amount

We have created a sliding scale based on the group/organization’s yearly budget.

What Is Our Goal?

The Wellness collective seeks to bring groups under our Mutual Aid Membership to provide financial, emotional, and logistic support. We humbly require groups to participate in at least one fundraiser event each year in order to receive our full support.

What Our Subscription Provides

Every group/organization can access the same support that is provided to individual subscribers for the people they serve when their resources are limited. From housing to financial assistance, The Wellness Collective can help your organization provide the support necessary to those who need it most.


Member organizations can refer their clients who will receive the same type of crisis support as our individual members.


Your Subscription Means Everything to Us

We are dedicated to assisting you through any challenge that might arise over the course of your membership. We believe in mutual aid and creating a community where everyone is welcome and supported.


By becoming a member of our Mutual Aid team, you are part of something much larger than yourself. We thank you for your consideration in helping The Wellness Collective support others, and we look forward to supporting you with all your needs.


Sign up today and become a member of The Wellness Collective!

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