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The Wellness Collective

Community Bank!

Community Bank!

The Branches are made up of dedicated community members (LIKE YOU!) who commit to fundraising for their branch, while also processing requests for support by using innovative and person-center solutions.  Roles in each branch are evenly distributed so that no person bears too much weight. Each branch is dedicated to a particular living essential such as housing, transportation, food, education, etc.


The Community Bank is NOT a charity.  It's shared resources between community member.  That means, you can both serve on a branch and receive support.  YOU are the community!

What Is A Branch

  1. A request for support comes to The Wellness Collective.

  2. The identifying information is removed by TWC staff and the request is sent to the appropriate branch(es).

  3. The branch(es) review the request and circumstances to determine what the immediate need is and what it would take to get our neighbor back on stable  and sustainable grounds.

  4. The branch(es) review the available resources in the Community Bank and assess if additional resources are needed.

  5. Recommendation(s) for support is submitted to TWC to be carried out.

How It Works

Seeking Support

Seeking support from the Community Bank is simple.  You just reach out to The Wellness Collective and explain your needs.  That's it!  Someone will be in contact with you soon after to confirm that we received your request and perhaps to ask a few follow up questions so that we know how to most effectively and appropriately show up for you.  The Wellness Collective does not share personal or identifying information with the branches.  This is to protect your safety and privacy as well as maintain integrity within our community dynamics.


Secret Sauce

It takes very little effort and very little giving to support others.  That is why The Wellness Collective relies on small giving to redistribute support amongst our communities.  Whether it is $1/mo or $100/mo, it's all pivotal support.  Just think, your $1 could save someone's home, feed a family - feed a community.  The power is truly in the people if we stick together.



  • Low Barrier - unlike seeking support from a program or agency, you don't have to over-share personal information just to be considered for support.

  •  Transparency - for accountability, every dollar raised by each branch can be easily viewed online along with regular updates from each team regarding financial activity

  •  Confidentiality - the identity of the neighbor that is seeking support is not shared with the members of the branch.That information is only known to designated TWC staff.  This is to preserve safety, privacy, and integrity within the community.

  • Transformative Community - this revolutionary model gives power back to the people while re-establishing dignity, sustainability and community care.

  • More Than Money - The Community Bank is designed so that neighbors can also give and receive re-homed goods and donated services.

The Wellness Collective is a community system that utilizes mutual aid that is designed to help neighbors support each other through life's challenges and onto sustainable wellness.

The Community Bank utilizes a "Branch" model to allow the people to collect and redistribute resources in a way that is fair, collaborative, and transparent.  This model does what generations of charity and government programs cannot do - create sustainable communities.

Join today and feel the benefits of being a part of a community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Mutual Aid

  • Exclusive Memberships

  • Social Enterprise

  • Extended Community

  • Capacity

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Sustainability

Membership Dues:

  • minimum of $5/mo

  • 1 new member recruit/mo

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