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Become a Housing Provider

Many neighbors struggle with housing at one point or another.  A little help can go a long way!  As for landlords and property owners, having the rent owed to you paid means that you take less risk when renting and have an effective way to support your tenants when they experience crisis or hardship!

Being a Housing Provider with The Wellness Collective guarantees that we will support the tenants in your designated units so that everyone is happy, healthy, and housed.

Before you apply...

Housing Provider Contribution Rates

All contributions to The Wellness Collective are tax deductible!

# of Units                            Low Risk                           Medium Risk                             High Risk


1 - 10 Units:                           $25/mo                               $45/mo                                   $75/mo


11 - 25 Units:                         $50/mo                               $70/mo                                   $135/mo


26 - 50 Units:                        $75/mo                               $125/mo                                  $225/mo


51 - 75 Units:                        $100/mo                              $165/mo                                  $265/mo


76 - 100 Units:                      $125/mo                              $200/mo                                  $295/mo


101 - 200 Units:                     $225/mo                             $345/mo                                  $375/mo


201 - 500 Units:                    $325/mo                              $445/mo                                  $575/mo


501 - 1000 Units:                   $445/mo                              $645/mo                                  $775/mo


1001 - 2000 Units:                 $525/mo                              $745/mo                                   $1075/mo


2001 - 3000 Units:                 $1000/mo                           $1345/mo                                  $1575/mo


3001+: Contractual

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