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Reduce Headaches Finding Help For Your Mental Health

Discover the questions to consider to find your perfect practitioner using The Wellness Collective’s “What Do You Need?” guide


Mental health is a crucial part of our overall well-being, yet finding the right fit for care can often be a struggle.


Because there are so many options and specialties out there, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start, what questions to ask, and what to look for when trying to discover your ideal mental health practitioner.


Instead of Google searching and hopping from one therapist to another, The Wellness Collective is here to help you through the process with everything you need to be aware of when selecting the perfect mental health provider for you with our “What Do You Need?” guide.

Be Informed With Help From The Wellness Collective’s “What Do You Need?” Guide

From understanding what questions to ask to checking online reviews, the “What Do You Need?” guide will educate you on what information is important and necessary when finding a practitioner.

Take control of your mental health journey by arming yourself with important knowledge about the process of finding care. The guide will walk you through the steps and provide specific questions to ask and things to consider to make a well-informed decision.


Inside the “What Do You Need?” guide, you will find:


  • Information on what variables you have control over and the questions you should be asking before selecting care to make sure you optimize them.

  • The specific details on the services that come with selecting this provider.

  • Different ideas to consider before making final decisions, including office location and the specific specialties of your practitioner.

  • Space to jot down additional questions or details which will help you make a final choice for your practitioner.


Remember that no matter who you choose, you are never obligated to continue care with a practitioner if they do not feel like the right fit for you. 


But what if there were a way to interview different practitioners all in one place without scheduling individual appointments?


The Wellness Collective’s Mental Wellness Speed Dating event offers just that opportunity.

Ask Questions and Discuss Your Goals Surrounding Mental Health — All Free With the Convenience of Speed Dating

The Wellness Collective proudly presents Mental Wellness Speed Dating. 


This FREE virtual event is an opportunity for participants to speed meet with various mental wellness practitioners one-on-one for seven minutes each, offering the chance to get a feel for each other to see if they are a fit.


The speed dating event is a convenient and unique way to see if a practitioner may be the right fit for you before committing to care. And should matches be made, participants can exchange information during the event or follow up with us at The Wellness Collective afterward.


Not only will you have the chance to interview multiple practitioners, but The Wellness Collective will pay for up to six sessions with the chosen practitioners.


Outside of the speed dating event, various related organizations and companies have set up virtual booths for attendees and practitioners to check out during breaks. Don’t miss out on this free, all-in-one event to talk to multiple potential practitioners and receive free sessions with a match.

Take charge of your mental health journey by downloading the “What Do You Need Guide?” and signing up for the event.

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