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The Wellness Collective

Sustainable mutual aid focused on bridging gaps and creating pipelines for prosperous communities.


Peace is a symptom of needs being met.

How It Works

A neighbor becomes a member of The Wellness Collective and joins a branch of the Community Bank.

Neighbor has a challenge or opportunity that they can't address on their own.

TWC and/or the appropriate Community Bank branch(es) get together to discuss what type of support is available for them.

They contact The Wellness Collective and request support for their need(s).

Neighbor is approved for a determined resource, access, and/or support needed.

Neighbor receives dignified and confidential support through designated service provider(s) and/or cash amount.

The Who And The What


The secret sauce to community and prosperity is Reciprocity.

Everyday, millions of people go without and experience moderate to extreme need.  People like you and I rally together to support our neighbors during crisis, but it never seems to be enough.  This is an indication that something in our society is not working.  Mutual aid is an incredibly powerful and effective way to ensure that every member of our collective community is taken care of.  We do this by each person contributing what they can in order to create working infrastructure for streamlined access to resources and support.


In order for the systems to work, they must first connect.

The need for mutual support extends to groups and organizations as well.  People come together for shared cause and both need and offer support.  TWC Communities are groups who are committed to contributing to the mutual aid efforts while also providing support and receiving support from the Collective.

Whether they are organizations, affinity groups, neighborhood groups, businesses, or otherwise, neighbors can pour resources directly into our communities as they return the favor by pouring into the collective community.


We're so much more impactful when we work together.

Through our collective effort, The Wellness Collective has been able to accomplish many great things together.  In our short time of existing, we've kept our neighbors safe and housed, organized county-wide resources through a global pandemic, created needed access to mental health and wellness care, established means of earning for neighbors and the Collective through social enterprise, to name a few things.

This journey of creating infrastructure through mutual aides both exciting and on-going.  Check out some of our activity and join today and become a part of history in the making.

Become A Provider

We are eternally grateful for our champion fiduciary agent, The Pittsburgh Contingency.  All monies received by The Wellness Collective are collected and accounted for through TPC.  To learn more about this organization and their mission, please click here.




Tel. 412-212-6740


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