The Wellness Collective

Neighbor-to-neighbor resource collective for emergencies, stability, and longevity.


Peace is a symptom of needs being met.

How It Works

A neighbor has a challenge that they can't get past on their own.

They contact The Wellness Collective and request support for their need(s).

Neighbor is approved for a determined cash value to be used with one or more of our dedicated service providers or as needed.

Neighbor receives immediate support through designated service provider or cash amount.

The Collective gets together to discuss what type of support is available for them.

Neighbor consults with our recidivism committee who will help with stability to reduce chances of future need.

The Who And The What


Being a good neighbor is as important as being a good friend.

Everyday, millions of people go without and experience moderate to extreme need.  Good samaritans, like you, often rally together to support our fellow neighbors in crisis.  The Wellness Collective is comprised of members whose monthly contributions guarantee the necessary resources are available when they are needed for all who need them.


Wonderful organizations providing us with everything we need to feel and be whole.

The Wellness Collective model was designed with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as the foundation.  That is, all of our providers and resource allocations are those that satisfy what Maslow identified as our human needs for a healthy, fulfilled, and motivated life.

Those providers include mental health and wellness, human services, housing, food, public safety, hygiene, and the like.


Providers who care do great things.

Our providers have dedicated their existence to making the world a better place, one person at a time.  They have done amazing things in and outside of The Wellness Collective.

Learn more about the work that they have done, new and exciting opportunities, impact, and even how you can get involved by clicking the button below!

Become A Provider

We are eternally grateful for our champion fiduciary agent, The Pittsburgh Contingency.  All monies received by The Wellness Collective are collected and accounted for through TPC.  To learn more about this organization and their mission, please click here.




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