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Become a provider

Providers in The Wellness Collective Network are carefully selected ensuring that they follow our community guidelines of accessibility, fair treatment, and safety.  To request to join our network, please complete the Provider Request Form.  Thank you!


Before you apply...

Provider Requirements

The Wellness Collective is fueled by our collective input.  In order for us to work, we all have to work!  For our providers, that means:

  • Recruit at least 5 new paid contributors each month

  • Recruit at least 1 new provider each year

  • Host at least 1 fundraiser for The Wellness Collective each year (assistance available upon request)

Do you think you can handle that?  It's pretty easy, actually :) Being a provider will allow us to support each other's work while you will be amongst our preferred provider for our neighbors!

If you are ready, apply to become a provider with The Wellness Collective below!

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