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We've Helped 9 Families In 2 Months!

Hey There!

It's been a busy couple of months, hasn't it!? Just wanted to give a quick check in to let you all know just how POWERFUL you all are! In the two months that The Wellness Collective has been in soft-launch, we've already helped 9 FAMILIES!! That's right, nine whole families are safe and secure because of your giving nature and dedication to community. Here's a breakdown of what you've done:


3 families who were facing homelessness got the funds necessary to remain housed. With 82 donors, we raised a total of $3,671!! Average donations ranged between $10 - $25!


1 Family that was stranded out of town needed just $300 to get their car fixed and get home. Because of you all, we were able to get them home!!


1 Neighbor needed help getting by after spending his last to bury his 3yo granddaughter. He requested $300 and we were able to meet his need so that he may live after such a heartbreaking experience. With 13 donors, we were able to raise a total of $385!! Average donations ranged between $25 - $50!

4 Neighbors facing homelessness got the funds necessary to remain housed! With 84 donors, we raised a total of $4,844!!! Average donations ranged between $10 - $50!

Our grand total of funds raised in these efforts is a whopping $9,200!!! Can we take a moment to acknowledge just how incredible you all are? It truly doesn't take a lot to have the most significant impact. We've accomplished so much and we are just getting started! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

We are still calculating the general donations to The Collective that are for the purpose of allowing us to fully serve the community, but I can say that the love and consideration has been humbling. Can't wait to share with you all this good news in the near future!

We currently have 8 AMAZING Contributors!! The Wellness Collective is unique in that it is the community that fuels our work. Our contributors are the lifeblood of community intervention. We, as a society, are the secret sauce to what it takes to survive and thrive. We ask that you consider becoming a contributing member of The Wellness Collective so that we can continue to do the work of accessible sustainability.

Until next time!

--Shanon Williams, Founder

The Wellness Collective


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