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Meet Our Advisory Board


We've been on the move for these two months of operation! Would you like to meet the people who have committed to pouring in guidance and support for the good work we do at The Wellness Collective? Well, here you go!

Andre Scott,

AbleVision, LLC

"The collective is valuable because it is formed based on the desire to assist others which will lead to holistic growth for all involved. 

It connects the needs of the community directly to resources with the intent to empower as opposed to carry.

The multiple levels of support and various providers will ensure the person is able to feel heard, not just serviced."

Tammy Thompson

Circles Pittsburgh

"I find the Wellness Collective valuable because staying connected to families and being aware of the needs and crises they endure is important to me. We’ve been looking for additional ways to directly support families in need and we believe collaborating with the Wellness Collective is a great way to do it."

Alyssa Cypher

Inside Our Minds

"As a community, thinking about how we can organize and support each other through mutual aid is vital. The Wellness Collective offers an amazing safety net to anyone who is going through a difficult time and could benefit from support, connection, and care."

Gabriel Gray

5DPgh Productions, LLC

"A piece of me is in you and a piece of you is in me. We all can achieve wellness as long as we love universally." -G.Gray

The Wellness Collective is the ultimate demonstration of love, passion, and realizing through recognizing the Most High Power in everyone.

The Wellness Collective is a genuine desire for universal balance, equity and justice for all; It is empowerment in action. 

I am thankful for this unique opportunity to use innovation, technology and financial strategies that embrace and promote tribal values and universal well-being to actively build financial support with my neighbors for my neighbors. "

Denise Payne

Compassionate Care Coordination Services, LLC

"I am so blessed. I must bless others. ❤️❤️❤️"

Pierce Robinson

"I think the collective is critical because it streamlines the process of providing help and resources to some of our neighbors in situations where time is of the essence."

Martyia McCray

LRC Janitorial, LLC

"Support services like The Wellness Collective helps to strengthen our communities.  Unfortunate life events are inevitable.  A helpful hand in these moments can help to keep the people of our communities from devastating life altering decisions, give kids a sense of security, and provide a foundation for people who feel their world is crashing in on them."

Dana Bishop-Root

Braddock Carnegie Library Association

"The Wellness Collective organizes and coordinates the heart work of mutual aid, and our desire to support, protect and love each other. We all need. And we all have the capcity to give. Collectively, the power to meet each others needs is a life giving and sustaining practice of how we get through the days even when the fire is burning and the sorrow is an ocean. "

Sarah Cook

"I believe in The Wellness Collective because the system is designed to keep folks down, financially.  The Wellness Collective is not going to expect a "good" credit score, or be a predatory lender.  It's folks helping other folks out when in need."

The Wellness Collective is fueled and funded by community support. That is how we are able to support our communities in amazing, new ways! If you would like to become a contributor, you can get started here!

Until next time!

-- Shanon Williams, Founder


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