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Black People are Exhausted

To be Black is to be under constant scrutiny, gaze, fear and trauma - all authored by systemic racism.  It is as exhausting as it is heart aching.  We are aching out loud right now as the terrorism of Black bodies is highlighted in every form of society.  We need reprieve.  We deserve it.


 The ability to heal requires safety and that can only be when we have safe space.  The Wellness Collective, along with three beautiful Black women, are organizing monthly trips for Black people to an undisclosed time and location.  These trips are our escape from white gaze.  It is us fighting against the violence of gentrification that has been driving us apart for generations.


This is an intentional commune of Black folks to connect with one another - love on one another, resolve with one another, and assist in our individual and collective healing.  Healing of our hearts and spirits from racism, oppression, terrorism, and disenfranchisement.


We do not want the burden of finances, travel, or provisions, to be a barrier to folks accessing this sacred space.  We are asking our white and nonBlack allies and accomplices to aid in funding this effort as a form of community and small part of reconciliation.

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