Thanks to the caring support of our neighbors, we were collectively able to secure the housing for three families!!!  
$210 raised on thewellfolk.org
$1655 on Facebook
$35 on cash platforms
Thank you to everyone who has contributed, shared, prayed, and sent good vibes to make this possible!  below is a little bit about the circumstances you helped raise our neighbors out of.  You should be proud.  We sure are!

A few of our neighbors need your help in this trying moment. So far, we've helped over 15 families in such an impactful way in just 3 months! Please continue to help us create tangible and powerful change in our communities!

If you are able, we are asking that you pour from your excess to help these three families experiencing circumstantial hardship.


As usual, donations of $30 or more will receive a donation letter from our fiduciary agent, The Pittsburgh Contingency!


A little about their stories are below:


Single Mother Working To Get Back On Track:

This mother has experienced significant loss and hardship in the past year inclusive of her sister passing and loss of income. She has been working hard to stabilize life for herself and her disabled daughter, however, the loss of her sister put her behind in that progress. Her landlord in planning to evict her from the home at the end of this month if she does not come up with the past due amount of $1050. She currently has $350. We are asking that you help us raise the remaining $700 to get her back on track so that she and her daughter can regain control and security over their lives.


Neighbor Fell Behind In Rent When Transportation Failed:

This neighbor recently experienced their vehicle dying which caused them to not be able to work as much as usual. This put them behind in rent and need a little support in getting back on track with rent while they stabilize their transportation. They currently owe $1000 in past due rent. They have $400 and we are asking that you help us raise the remaining $600 to get them squared away. We are also helping them secure transportation so that they can stabilize their ability to work.


Young Mother Unable to Work While Tending To Hospital-Bound Son:

This neighbor has a one year old son who has been experiencing a series of seizures. His health has caused our neighbor to let go of their contractual work for a while as he spent time in the hospital. She and her fiancé are working to get things back on track now that their son is doing better, but need some help in doing that. We are asking that you help us raise $500 to help get this young family back on track and have a safe and stable home to raise their young children.

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