Grandpa's and Grandma's Village Carnivals

At Grandpa's and Grandma's Village, you never have to play alone.

Help us bring safe fun to our communities this summer!

COVID-19 plus mass social injustice has been terribly rough on our bodies and minds.  It's hard to imagine what our kids have been going through.  Our loving Ms. Renee Wilson has put on our hearts to organize a series of carnivals for our children, with particular celebration of our Black children (though open to all.)

Please help us secure the funds and support needed to make this happen!  You can donate to this effort using the link below!  Find a letter from Ms. Renee below as well.  Thank you!!!!

Dear Community leaders,


The African American Elder Council Ukombozi, The Wellness Collective, Blaqk Ops, Blaqk House Collections, and MiMi's Kinder Connection has pulled together to form "Grandma & Grandpa's Village" to give our children one fun Summer!!


We need you because it takes A Village!! Grandpa's and Grandma's village Carnival are a series of pop up carnivals brought to our children by us, The Community. We will be popping up every where! You can put your community on the list by emailing


There will be a setup fee to have the Carnival in your neighborhood. Our first pop up will be in celebration of Junenteenth. We will be in our civil war attire and with pride to remember those who fought the good fight that lead to our independence. Feel free to dress up, too!


We are going to celebrate, educate and make our art.  With our own Poet storyteller and history Keeper Dessie Bey who will fill our ears and our hearts with the history of those who came before us, and the strength of their stories to keep us moving on to victory.  We thank her for her wisdom and invite others to come give your oral account of our history, If you would like to be on the list of storytelling please email


Our Carnival inventory right now is 3 Boncey houses, The Fredrick Patterson bumper cars ride, 4 Pod swing chairs, a science lab tent, a movie Tent, Cotton candy Machine, Popcorn machine, Lemon aid Stand, Snow Cone machine, Treats and Candy Tent, Games, the sack race, egg game, lazy fishing river, ring toss, jax, Gandma house tent, rocking Chair, and Jacobs ladder in honor of our children who are not here to play learn and laugh!!


Yes we need money donations and food donations but most of all we need you to make sure our kids are safe. We want every thing to be free for the kids. Now don't be surprise if you see a potatoes chip tree because in the village of the Granny's you never know what you may see!!


If you would like to donate Please send all donations to The Wellness Collective or $renee1961love.

--Renee Wilson

Kids Food Truck

The Fun...

At Grandpa and Grandma's Village you will see things like our science lab a place set up to experiment in the world of science. We will look through telescope's and work with crystals learn about weather. We will share the games the elders played and learn from the youth how they advance them and made new ones Yes there will be a video game tent with the past and present games make sure you check out the tick tok booth!!

The Eats...

When you get hungry come on over to Eats. And Treats beef hot dogs cheese pizza carrot sticks Apples peaches watermelons lemon aide cotton candy snow cones popcorn

Fashion Kids
Drum Band

The History...

You can walk though grandma's house and see our people history and listen to the oral history of the Elders.  

More Fun...

You want to play bouncy houses, bumper cars, pods, and swings.  If games are for you, come to the lazy river, fishing, basket ball, and bowling. What about a theater come watch a movie if you get a little sleepy and need a nap stop by rest zone for toddlers sleeping cot so you can get up and do it again!!

Bubble Station