A Family Needs Our Help!

We have a family who needs our help getting back on track with their rent before action is taken against them.  


Please pour from your excess into these homes so that they may remain safe and housed.


As always, you will receive a donation letter for your contribution of $30 or more!


Thank you all so very much ♥

This mother lived with her son and both would pay a portion of the rent. This was until he moved out and she lost her job. She went through the process of having her section 8 adjusted, however, the paperwork was held up. In that time, she has accumulated $1400 of past due rent. She has been able to put $525 towards the balance, has found a new job, and finally has the adjusted rent that is affordable for her. She is now tasked with paying down the balance.

She has already received several 10 day notices. She doesn't have a lot of time to get this balance brought to $0 before she loses her home.  

So far, we have $58 in donations toward the total balance.  We are asking for support to pay off the remaining $850.

Anything that you have to spare to help these families would be very much appreciated!

*$33 has been added to the overall total to account for PayPal fees.